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Your life will be happier after understanding this "easy thing" !


The weather has begun to change in the past few days. Every day when I get out of bed to brush my teeth, my injured left pelvis starts to throb when I walk. It seems that the feeling of toothache is very uncomfortable. But even so, I still have to get up early to go to school to rehearse and teach students. Since there are many competitions and performances in school recently, in order to respect the audience, I have to put on high heels and perform on stage. After two hours of performance, I really felt like my pelvis was about to split, and my left foot was sore when I took a step. Every time I see everyone happy to celebrate after the performance, but I need to go home to rest, I feel really lost. One night, I remembered that a sister shared with me the lyrics of this hymn written by Pastor Nee: Olives that have known no pressure, no oil can bestow. Although Pastor Nee suffered a lot of sad persecution, he never complained that something unpleasant happened in his life. This hymn seems to tell me this is the training that God wants to give me so that I can better understand how to use my muscles and cope with pain so that the music created by God can touch more people.

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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