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Want a life without suffering? How can I find the stairs to heaven?


This week, we made a lot of effort to find a car. After trying out more than 10 cars, we finally found one that seemed decent. Throughout the process, the seller was very friendly and kept telling us stories about this car and his father. Since the car was over 17 years old, we thought that as long as it was cheap, worked fine, and was safe, we could accept it happily. So, we happily drove the car back home.

However, when we got home and looked at the title, we were shocked to realize that it was a salvage title car. I was speechless and felt guilty, wondering why I didn't check such an important document carefully. During the transaction, the seller kindly pointed to the pink slip and assured us that all the necessary signatures were already done. They advised us to ask the DMV staff about filling out the forms to avoid any trouble. This made us think that we had thoroughly checked the documents, not realizing that the crucial title hadn't been confirmed. Lastly, the seller kindly placed the documents in the car, reminding us not to lose them.

Feeling disheartened, I prayed to God before going to bed, asking if there was a direct path to heaven where we wouldn't face any more hardships. At that moment, God spoke to me through a song, saying, "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you." I believe that "faith" is the pass to a trouble-free heaven!

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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