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Want a friend who will never betray you?


I taught a student this week. When I asked him how the school was doing recently? He hesitantly said to me: Recently, my best friend didn't talk to me for no reason. Even if I took the initiative to play with him, he ignored me as well. I am so sad! I remembered in the past, the college fellowship counselor was always the most gentle one. She asked me every detail in a warm and deep voice, and she kept looking into my eyes and nodding. The most important thing was that when I said something to her, she listened patiently. sometimes she would cry, scold, and pray together with me so that my emotions can be released. While praying, I also deeply know that only God is the unchanged friend. At that moment, I used the same method to chat with my student, and he calmed down as he talked. Because of listening and God's accompany, he knows he is no longer alone.

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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