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The people you trust the most are often the ones who hurt you the most!Nobody can truly be trusted.


This week has been my angriest, I didn't want to see anyone. After recovering from the car accident, a formerly respected elder began to ask me to help her for various reasons. I managed to find my rest time to help her, but I got the temporary cancellation message several times. Recently, she unreasonably forced me to do more and more things, and I tried to express my tired feeling politely. However, this old woman not only couldn't understand, but also said to me in a provocative tone: "Don't forget that I helped you when you had a car accident, and right now you should do something for me undoubtedly! At the moment, my heart is like being slashed by a knife. After the car accident, it seems that I don't even have the qualification to be a human being. While praying to God in sorrow at night, I heard this comforting song by chance, and it also let me know who is the most trustworthy and l in this world.

Thanks for your watching. Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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