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"The most sincere words from my mother's heart!"


One night, I received a phone call from a student's parent. The mother told me in a trembling voice that her daughter might not be able to continue the class. After, I asked the mother what happened. At this time, she choked up and said, " My daughter felt that her breasts were uncomfortable for a while. After being her for an examination, she was diagnosed with the second stage of thymic cancer, and she needed to do surgery and chemotherapy immediately. The mother also said that when she heard the news, she rushed into the room and locked herself for several days without eating. She was supposed to be full of happiness to welcome her freshman life, but now there is nothing left! The mother's broken mood and anxious tone made me cry as well. Mothers all over the world love their children. When I heard this song by Celine Dione, I was so touched. Sincerely hope that prayers and God's healing can greatly comfort their hearts.

Thanks for your watching. Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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