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Only “this person” could embrace my weight gain ?!


When summer was on its way, my talent partner encountered a serious issue - his large belly prevented him from wearing stylish t-shirts. Wanting to capture more attention of young and attractive ladies outside in his early thirties, He embarked on a weight loss journey. However, I didn’t wait for him to lose weight, the hot weather and fatigue already killed me. Because the strategy of sweating to lose weight was unsuccessful on his last try, he designed lots of peculiar recipes now, and one of the recipes which let me crazy is called “miracle green juice.” I had to go to at least four supermarkets on weekdays to buy the most affordable vegetables and fruits such as lettuce, spinach, coriander, strawberries, and beetroot. If I exceeded my budget on these vegetables, my husband would get mad and yell at me, which is why I needed to do some research before bedtime, waking up as early as possible to make sure I could grab the vegetables at a good price. It took him just around 5 minutes to drink the juice, yet it took me around 1.5 hours to collect all the food materials! It was totally unfair. On weekends, when he felt tired of the green juice, we would go to Costco and KFC to eat some meat. Unsure if he was suppressing his hunger too much, he demonstrated his ability to devour two Costco roast chickens, a whole rib, and a large box of KFC fried chicken all at once. I quietly asked him,” You are eating more than the average people now. Do you still wish to lose weight? “ He stared at me and said,” I eat meat only one day, and that is completely fine. If you think I eat in excess, you should get 10 different vegetables for me to make green juice from next Monday. It’s me who married him, and it is my responsibility to help him accomplish his needs. When I got home and returned to my home, I observed him with a sense of pettiness and silently prayed: "God, within the realm of reality, people often utilize words like tall, short, obese, and skinny to judge a person. However, only you could embrace my imperfections and love me unchangeable."

Thanks for your watching. Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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