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Nobody can truly forgive us except "HE"!


A few weeks ago I went to teach a new student, this little boy was very lively, but before I finished explaining how to play this piece correctly, he was already anxious to start playing. However, because of this situation, the notes that he played were wrong, and he often suddenly started to lose his temper. I tried to appease him. If the situation is good, we have to practices lots of time; but if the situation is bad, I will waste more time with him, and the progress of the class becomes very slow. A few days later, due to the temporary transfer of class time, the little boy's father accompanied him in the class. This time, he may want to show his talent to his father. Before I finished speaking, he just kept playing again! But the more anxious he got, the more mistakes he made, and his tears were about to fall. At this time, I saw his father come over and pat his son on the shoulder, gently told him: Have you forgotten our agreement? You have to wait for the teacher to finish speaking before you can start taking action. Those who keep their promises are good men! Dad took less than a minute, and the child immediately calmed down and listened to me. After that, the class efficiency became very good. I was really impressed by my father, and it also reminded me of this worshipsong. No matter what we do wrong or what difficulties we encounter, God always forgive and washe away our sins again and again, Moreover, he guide us patiently on the way of grace.

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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