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Summer vacation has begun, and it should be a time of celebration, but I find myself trapped in endless confusion. I don't know where my future lies. Can I continue to stay here? Looking back on everything, I feel like I haven't been a good wife to my husband. I lack the ability and financial means to support his career and stay with him in the United States. I'm also not a good daughter-in-law to my mother-in-law, who expects me to fulfill the duty of bearing children. And to my mother, I am an unfilial daughter for not returning to Taiwan to take care of her permanently. With my inability to do anything well, will God still give me the opportunity to be a mother? With the pressure from these people and the stress of preparing for the next degree examination, I feel like I have no choice but to cry out loud. I don't know what has happened to my life. But just then, a friend from church shared a podcast episode with me. The episode talked about how faith accompanies us during our low points. It said that faith is hope, the ability to maintain an optimistic heart and face all the challenges in life, even in times of embarrassment and pain. It said that everything can be turned around. Regardless of how others judge me, I only know that God is in charge of my life, not them. In the late night, I bow my head and pray to God, saying, "Lord, please completely build my life. I entrust everything to you..."

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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