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(It's real! prayers change lives! )

Every day we worked hard to feed baby John's milk, but after one month, his weight hardly increased, and the doctor couldn't find a reason. Until last week, the doctor's expression turned serious, urgently recommending we take him to the emergency room and ICU for further tests. In the stormy ICU room, the diagnosis was heartbreaking; he might have hypothyroidism and needed immediate treatment, or it could affect his intelligence and growth. But even more helpless, Baby's Medicaid health insurance is pending, meaning there is no insurance now for him to receive treatment, and the heavy medical expenses would fall on us. Every day, I tearfully called various doctors seeking help, and friends from the church prayed for us daily. Thanks God, our prayers were answered. An endocrinologist agreed unconditionally to see him. Through everyone's prayers and God's mercy, this child's life has changed. Please continue to pray for John's follow-up and medical insurance. We hope everything goes smoothly, and believe that God is almighty.

Thanks for watching. Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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