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Is there more to life than just work? Only "He" can heal us!


After the Lunar New Year, it is time to regain my mood and start rehearsing, teaching, and attending classes. After school starts, there are endless calls from parents to deal with every day. It is almost 10 o'clock when I get home, but I still have to continue working and preparing for tomorrow's class. Of course, there is no time to eat dinner. After taking a bath, I finally relaxed and looked at the schedule. Suddenly, I realized that my work has been set for three months ahead. At school or outside, every colleague and parent feels envious of me because I can stand on the stage and perform. But in fact, I don't feel happy when I get home. I feel so empty and lonely inside. I don't know what I'm busy with or what I'm living for. No one can know how I feel inside. Before going to bed, I chose the most peaceful worship song. Although it's just a few minutes, it gave me incomparable stability. God, I know only you can heal my tiredness.

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering God's love.


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