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Is there anyone I can truly trust in this world before I die?


After coming back to Taiwan, I finally had the chance to meet up with a friend I've known for over 10 years. We were inseparable, like sisters, from high school to college. I remember spending more than 8 hours together every day, practicing piano, eating meals, and sharing our hearts. Those were such happy times, and I trusted her completely.

But this time, when I shared something personal with her and asked her to keep it a secret, I naively believed she was still the most trustworthy person. Little did I know that within two hours, she had revealed everything. I was shocked and angry at that moment. I was mad at myself for being so foolish and not realizing that she had changed... Or maybe she never saw me as a true friend to begin with.

Feeling down, I walked home while crying and immediately locked myself in my room, where I prayed for a long time. Now, I firmly believe that only God is truly trustworthy and reliable. Only He can be there for me throughout my journey in life.

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering God's love.


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