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I am no longer in my family! Where is my real home?


Due to the pandemic and getting injured in a car accident, I haven't been home for over two years. When I entered my house and looked around the room, everything seemed unfamiliar as my belongings were gone. When I asked my family about my ID and health insurance card, my mom casually replied, "I don't know where they went." When I tried to replace them, the staff said, "You've been deregistered. You'll need to re-register before getting health insurance or a passport." Hearing this made me feel really emotional. I had come all this way on the bus, but it seemed like I couldn't get anything done. Now, I don't have citizenship in Taiwan or the US. Where could I find a place that would accept me?

I spent several days going back and forth on the bus, feeling lost. During one of those rides, I happened to hear a touching song. The melancholic melody and comforting lyrics made me realize that God wanted to tell me something: Time keeps moving on, and things in the world will change. If you feel weary from drifting, come to me. My shelter is always open and welcoming for you!

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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