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Why did I come to this world? A mysterious voice told me…


This week, I attended a violin summer camp at school to guide young students. At first, I was excited to build good relationships with these 11-12-year-old teenagers and learn about their interests and dreams. However, my first encounter with a student left me feeling sad and astonised.I asked him, "Why do you play the violin?" He coldly replied, "I don't know, my mom forces me to." When I asked about his interests in the free time, he again responded shortly, "I don't know, ask my mom." During group activities, he always wore a mask, never spoke to anyone, and sat alone in a corner during lunch, as if he felt unwanted.

Observing him, I felt conflicted. This age should be full of energy and hope, but his life seemed devoid of hope, controlled by his mother. On my drive home, I reflected on myself. Perhaps, like him, I once closed myself off to the world, focusing only on music to please my family. Besides playing the violin, I felt like I didn't know much else. I didn't have life and habits, either. It made me wonder about the true reason why God brought me into this world.

Before going to sleep, I prayed to God, "Lord, your plan for my life is more important than anyone else's opinions, achievements, or goals. Please grant everyone the wisdom and confidence, and truly listen to your heart and voice to fulfill the mission you've given us....."

Thanks for your watching. Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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