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Are you often afraid of insecurity and being cheated?


Since returning to Taiwan, I met my 80-year-old landlady again. She seemed to have lost her smile and looked quite tired, but we didn't ask why. One morning, while I was practicing the piano in my room, I was suddenly startled by her. Before, she would always knock on the door, but this time she came straight into my room without warning and looked at me in surprise, asking why I hadn't left yet. I was stunned for a moment. A few days later, my roommate also told me angrily that she had just come out of the shower and saw the landlady walking around our room. My roommate, wearing only underwear, approached her and asked what she was doing. The landlady was also startled and left nervously. This behavior made us feel very uncomfortable.

Thinking back to the landlady's conversation with her son on the phone, we felt that she was very lonely and needed her son's company for a long time. She no longer trusted things around her and was full of insecurity, which may have been the reason why she came into our room. At this moment, I deeply understood that we often feel lonely, but only the company of the Lord can fill our hearts with a sense of security and stop us from being suspicious of the world.

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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