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Absolutely okay, but insist on losing weight!


Recently, the heat in California had become unendurable for people. The outside temperature soared above 100°F, causing heatstroke and sweating for anyone spending just 5 minutes outside. Because of the soaring weather, my incredible partner created a ridiculous strategy to lose weight. He believed that sweating could enhance metabolism, and rising the body’s temperature could effectively burn fat, offering not only cost savings but also weight reduction benefits. For this reason, despite the indoor temperate raising above 87°F, we opted not to turn on the air conditioner and relied on a small fan. With no clothes on, Noah enjoyed the process of sweating. However, the suffocating heat of my injured lung already caused me unable to breathe comfortably. My brain started to swim and everything felt hazy. At this time, Noah looked at me and murmured,” You will gradually feel alright.” Unfortunately, due to the severe heatstroke, I made a decision to seek refuge in a gym to escape the heat. As I walked into the gym and felt the cool air, I felt a sense of redemption. At that moment, a thought crossed my mind as I realized a verse from Jeremiah 17:7 said: A blessing is on the man who puts his faith in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is; he will have no fear when the heat comes, but his leaf will be green. It is a wonderful blessing that the Bible verse can cool down my heart, especially during the suffocating heat.

Thanks for your watching. Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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