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A song that can improve the ailments of elders!


This week I went to a nursing home and became a substitute choir teacher. Because I have never led a choir for the elderly before, I am nervous. The real challenge is just about to begin in class. When I was full of enthusiasm and wanted to have some conversations with them, they just looked at me with tired eyes as if time stopped. When practicing singing, many people were too shy to sing, and only cared about telling the nurse that they were uncomfortable. I don't have a microphone and still wear a mask, so what I could do was sing crazy loud. My voice was completely gone after the first class. I was so frustrated when I went home. Fortunately, when I prayed, God suddenly inspired me. Because Christmas is coming, why don't you sing a lively Christmas carol with simple lyrics, and tell them the story of Jesus to spread the gospel? When I was fully ready for class again, my heart was filled with peace and love this time. When I told the story of Jesus, they raised their full attention to listen.

Moreover, They were willing to raise their hands and ask questions. When we finally sang the song , everyone sang with joy, and even the nurses came in to clap and sing together. After I finished, I prayed to God: Lord, only songs that praise You can heal their minds and bodies. Because of singing, they can forget their physical discomfort and turn their hearts to You!

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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