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A Magical song makes you smile and beat together!


Hi Everyone: Recalling that every time I encountered National Day when I was a child, it was the happiest and most exciting time for me because I could not only go back to see my grandparents who loved me the most but also I could go up to the top floor to enjoy the fireworks show. Before the fireworks show started, we had already held a BBQ party on the top floor, and my grandpa would especially bring out his beloved tea set to make tea. Finally, we enjoyed the cool sea breeze and watched the beautiful fireworks and the smiles on everyone's faces, at that time, I felt I was the happiest child in the world. Share this joyful atmosphere with you and Happy 4th of July! God blesses America and your family.

Thanks for your watching. Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering

God's love.


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