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1000 ways to Thank God ! Happy Thanksgiving!


This week was the Thanksgiving holiday, but something happened that I will never forget. On Friday evening, when we were about to leave Costco, a man in an SUV told us: We have a safety problem with our car, and he can help fix it. After he got out of the car, he began to tearfully and emotionally say that his wife had just been diagnosed with cancer and she was crying sadly in the car. They don't have the money, and they're short of $400 in medical bills for chemotherapy. When we were in doubt, his wife got out of the car, crying and telling us that she was very uncomfortable. She also showed the hospital wristband and her hungry kids. The soft-hearted Noah said to this man: We only have $200 left, if you are willing to accept it, help me fix it! He agrees with the deal and completes the repair. Unfortunately, when he got the money, he suddenly changed his words and said that we had just promised him that we would go to ATM and give him more money. At that time, Noah suddenly changed his face, looked at him seriously, and said: I didn't mention going to the ATM to collect money at all. We continued watching his hysterical performance and he even kneeled down and begged for Noah. He finally stopped and left until We decided to call 911. When he left, I also found that his mood changed very quickly, and he gave Noah a hard look. Although our emotions had not calmed down that night, the next day we remembered the bible verse "More blessed to give than to receive", and we also understood our God is a righteous God, which help our emotions could gradually calm down. No matter what happens, we need always thank God, because this is God's blessing to us.

Thanks for your watching.Your kind support is my motivation to continue delivering God's love.


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